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Spain and its National Security Strategies (2000-2017) (DIEEEO75-2018)

Since 2000, with the publication of the White Paper on Defence, the need arose in Spain to draw up an official document on Security and Defence which sets out the facts which could be harmful for the society, as well as those prepared to deal with them. Over the years, it has been possible to verify that the modifications of these documents and their adaptation to the circumstances of each moment are significant facts of the State action at both the national and international levels. In a context of increasing risks and threats, all of them have been assuming as their main objective to guarantee the security of the citizens, the continued existence of the State and the normal functioning of the institutions. The successive National Security Strategies which have been drafting in Spain reflect the way in which the different governments face comparative analysis, which indicates the evolution of Spanish society and its political authorities in terms of the perception of threats, as well as the execution of their responses.

Author: Ana Blesa López


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Spain and its National Security Strategies (2000-2017)
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