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When school becomes a disruptive factor to social progress.- Elena Guerrero Peño

Education has always been considered essential for the social advancement of a country that inherently involves a step towards more security. In the Republic of Senegal, the President Macky Sall has expressed that one of the highest priorities for the Government is the field of education.

While it is true that Senegal exercises a regional leadership in this area and has made great efforts in order to guarantee this fundamental right of childhood, the corruption of traditional education is increasingly remarkable. The number of children marked by their experience at traditional schools, known as Quranic schools or daaras, grows and these continue being the principal form of education in Senegal until this day.

Macky Sall, widely cheered President already before his election in 2012, has always shown his commitment to the Senegalese population and the assurance of their rights. However, despite the significant progress towards education, most of the traditional schools, which are not state regulated and funded so far, have become favorable environments for exclusion, child exploitation and abuse.

These centres need to be under State control in order to tackle radicalisation and recruitment of young people by armed groups if the Government wants to ensure a real engagement and responsibility with the education in all its forms.

Author:  Elena Guerrero Peño


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