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Landscape after battle: The World behind COVID-19.- Carlos Javier Frías Sánchez.

The coronavirus crisis will change significantly the geopolitical landscape. In addition to the internal effects in each state, moulded by the political attrition suffered by the current governments, according to their crisis management, and that of its consequences, we will face changes in the present international relations. The economic crisis subsequent to the pandemic will hit hard the developed world economies, limiting its capacity to support the economy of other, less-developed states, whilst the foreseeable reduction in general consumption will seriously affect the economy of the export-oriented countries, and that of tourism-oriented ones. In the short term, the outcome will be a less globalized, poorer and less stable world.

Carlos Javier Frías Sánchez. Artillery Colonel DEM. PhD in Peace and International Security.

Note: The full document is only available in Spanish.


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Landscape after battle: The World behind COVID-19.
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