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Global constitutionalism in times of pandemic.- Laura García Moreno.

Still fully immersed in the global crisis caused by COVID-19, we are far from knowing with certainty what its geopolitical repercussions will be. However, theories about it abound. While the idea of the beginning of a deglobalization process travels the world at the same speed as the virus, other voices arise that propose alternative hypotheses. An example of this is the project of a global constitution promoted by more than a hundred jurists who presented last February the Scuola Costituente Terra. This text seeks to analyse the idea and weigh its viability in the current times.

Document written by Laura García Moreno. Student of the Master of Geopolitics and Strategic Studies. Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

Note: The full text document is only available in spanish.

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Global constitutionalism in times of pandemic.
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