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National Security and Social Covenant. A set of proposals for a troubled future.- Luis Andrés Bárcenas Medina.

National Security appeared officially in Spain as a concept in 2011, and made its maiden flight in 2015, when the National Security Act was passed by Spanish Parliament. The crises that Spain has gone through in the last decade make it necessary to analyse how this new public policy can contribute to reducing these isruptions of normality and mitigate its impact. National Security has been implanted in a strongly inertial public administration. Therefore, it is necessary to explore mechanisms for the National Security requirements to be nested in the national budget. The contribution of crisis management professionals to the core of the National Security System in Spain, that is, the Department of National Security; and the concerns about the instability created by the foreseeably more frequent crises constitute, among others, a set of proposals for Spain to successfully navigate the troubled waters ahead.

Document written by Luis Andrés Bárcenas Medina. Lieutenant Colonel. Eurocorps General Headquarters.

Note: The full text document is only available in spanish.

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