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The footprint of the coronavirus in the medial.- David Corral.

Having free, independent, pluralistic, accessible, and responsible media is one of the pillars of democratic quality. The proliferation of the coronavirus has put its mettle to the test, and not only because of its health impact. At a time when confinement has triggered audiences and content consumption to historic levels, the media has demonstrated its enormous usefulness and necessity by fulfilling its essential functions: informing, educating and entertaining (to which the pandemic has added yet another titanic task, the fight against fake news). But the more that is being demanded, in quantity and quality, the worse the sector is with the closure of many headlines, the loss of jobs and the advertising or financing that supported them.

Document written by David Corral. Journalist.

Note: The full text document is only available in spanish.

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The footprint of the coronavirus in the media.
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