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Iran's geostrategic dynamics in the Middle East.- Miguel Ángel García-Fraile Hernández.

This document aims to identify the existing connections between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the different violent non-state actors that carry out their activity in the geographical area of Lebanon, Syria and Iraq. Through a timely bibliographic review, completed with investigations by the international press, a point of view is offered about the scope of the connections and how dangerous they are for the stability of the region. In this same context, some inferences are offered about the recruitment strategies that the government of Tehran has been developing to reinforce the Shiite militias that have fought in the Syrian war. Finally, some reflections are introduced regarding whether the so-called "soft power" of Rohaní in his foreign policy, can be considered sufficient in order to estimate a possibility of thawing towards the traditional economic and political isolation of the Iranian state.

Document written by Miguel Ángel García-Fraile Hernández. Student of the Master Analisys and Prevention of Terrorism. Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.

Note: The full text document is only available in spanish.

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Iran's geostrategic dynamics in the Middle East.
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