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Defence investment in Spain: unfinished business.- Fernando Álvarez Gómez-Lechón.

As with other types of public spending, the level of defence investment comes down to a matter of priorities and opportunity cost between them. In Spain, defence investment has historically been a second-tier priority with a tendency to stagnate. However, there are solid arguments in favour of increasing expenditures. First, because in the current strategic context, there are numerous threats and risks to national security and interests. Secondly, because Spain’s role beyond its borders and relies, amongst others, on its defence capabilities. Third, because the defence sector constitutes a key element of the economy and defence investment brings about important socio-economical returns. All the above call for both a quantitative and a qualitative increase of investment, for which this article offers a few prescriptive conclusions.

Document written by Fernando Álvarez Gómez-Lechón. Departament of Defence Policy and Planning. International Secretariat, NATO.

Note: The full text document is only available in spanish.


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Defence investment in Spain: unfinished business.
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