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Role of illicit trafficking in AF-PAK stage (DIEEEM03-2012)

The growing relationship between insurgent organizations and organized crime networks in the Af-Pak region has important implications to the combat terrorism and insurgency in the area. The drug industry in Afghanistan, arms trafficking, smuggling of illegal and legal goods and the corrosive corruption have contributed significantly to the financing of insurgent groups like the Taliban, besides to providing them with materials, human resources, space and opportunity to attack, etc.
This paper describes the different illegal activities developed in Afghanistan and shows that organized crime in the country does not focus only and exclusively on the opium trade. Indeed, there are other illegal businesses very lucrative for both criminal networks and insurgency. Next, this analysis pay special attention to the cultivation and trafficking of opium, as the main illegal activities related to the insurgent groups. Finally, this paper describe some of the most important insurgent groups that operate in Af-Pak region and try to explain their connections with illegal activities and how those links has helped to increase the insurgent forces significantly.

Author: Luis de la Corte Ibáñez y Hristina Hristova

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Role of illicit trafficking in AF-PAK stage
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