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The Agreement on Trade in Mistresses: A milestone in the protection of civilians (DIEEEM11-2013)

The historical importance of the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) is that it is the first comprehensive effort to regulate the trade in conventional weapons, and is the first global negotiation that has managed to connect the respect of international humanitarian law and human rights to arms transfers, creating at the most high level, a common legal framework of responsibly and accountability, giving it a tremendous potential for protection. The ATT has been the first legally binding agreement in the world in this area.
We can infer that what you want is to get as TCA desideratum, global security and reduce human suffering, so has a universal vocation of protection of civilians from armed violence, whether in the context of an armed conflict or in other situations where human security is threatened.
States proposed to develop solid rules for responsible transfers that synthesizes perfectly what I've tried verify. So, to what extent States have achieved their purpose?. It really has gotten a robust treaty and its provisions will be successful in disciplining the conventional arms market?

Author: José Luis Domenech Omedas


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