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Conference interpretation in the Military Enviroment of francophone West Africa (DIEEEM13-2014)

This paper aims to present an overview of one interpreter’s practical experience gained while initially serving as a military and later as a civilian French/English interpreter in various military settings on the African continent. The complex and rewarding nature of this work has prompted the author to embark on an in-depth translation studies research project while continuing to fulfill responsibilities as a French interpreter assigned to United States Africa Command (AFRICOM). The research will support a doctoral dissertation focused on the challenges associated with oral translation in the military environment of Francophone West Africa, the value of establishing a dedicated cadre of professional military conference interpreters trained to succeed in this unique environment, and the feasibility of contemporary translation theories as baselines for the development of an improved training program to support the development of such a cadre. This paper highlights one of these theories, the Interpretive Theory of Translation, or the Theory of Sense, as a potential foundation for the creation of new training methods specifically tailored to the military conference interpreter operating in complex multinational military environments.

Auhtor: Julie A. House

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