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The digital transformation of the Ministry of Defense (DIEEEM28-2015)

In the last years the information has become the main asset of any organization. In associated way with Information Technology (IT) the concept of digitization has emerged as an expression of the close integration of such technologies in the arteries of corporate business processes. Consequently, a new vision of IT has entered: as a strategic asset that should create value for achieving the objectives and the results of the corporation. The Digital Transformation is the framework that encompasses all practices and actions that describe how organizations of any sector have to review and adapt their business model and their operations in order to meet the expectations of digital’s users and customers and, at the same time, increasing their operational excellence. Briefly, the Digital Transformation revolves around a careful transition between the old and the new, while seeking the balance in the risk management, the value creation and the long-term sustainability.
Always with the Ministry of Defense on the horizon, the document covers the Digital Transformation roadmap of any present organization, reviewing the elements that should adorn a digital corporation, the areas of activity to develop this transformation, the emerging technologies driving this innovative change and the new roles and skills that are required.

Author: Jesús Gómez Ruedas


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