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The human resource in doctrine for asymmetrical warfare scenarios (DIEEEM06-2017)

Tactical procedures are not playing the main role on the ground in most of asymmetrical warfare scenarios, where many of the strategic decisions are being make (and will continue being make in the future) by the leader of a relatively small force with a huge responsibility. To address this challenge it is necessary the transformation of the armed forces, the doctrine and the human resource in terms of skills and capabilities. By tracing the concept of asymmetrical warfare among the current military doctrine and its vision of a leader focused to the mission, it allow to establish the most adequate military profile to led operations in an asymmetric scenario. Mission in Afghanistan provides a valuable background data about the characteristics of skills and capabilities of the human resource to determinate how military personnel is evolving from an institutional typology to a postmodern one adapted to the new needs. The doctrine is taking into account these changes and is adapting itself not only doing procedures more flexible, but in personnel training.

Author: Joaquín M. Pellicer Balsalobre


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