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The finance, sustainability and energy nexus (DIEEEM07-2017)

The finance, sustainability and energy nexus has just begun to take its first steps. The Global Agenda, marked by the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and the Sustainable Development Objectives road maps, is being incorporated into the financial sector. The financial ecosystem has different actors such as banks and financial institutions, insurance companies, securities markets, assets owners and managers, corporations and governments. Financial sector strategy, processes and operations are being impacted by the integration of policies aimed at articulating the sustainability aspects of the Global Agenda. Financial actors should understand why this transformation is taking place, and the great challenges and opportunities that the Global Agenda awakens. They should also be aware of the different mechanisms that are being promoted by the G20 and UNEP FI, and other initiatives that are giving cohesion to this nexus. These actors should have a vision of how the transformation is being articulated, and how its associated risks are impacting the provision of products and services in the financial sector. This period of transformation opens a new horizon of opportunities in its way towards mitigating risks and maintaining the stability of the system. A desirable future emerging from a smooth and orderly transition which has no losers… but rather with actors adapting progressively to this irreversible transformation.

Author: Miguel Chamochín.

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The finance, sustainability and energy nexus
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