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A strategy for Spain: from stake holder to regional power. Pivot to the South (DIEEEM11-2017)

The article proposes for the first time a paradigm shift in the strategic presence of Spain. The author considers closed the chapter of homologation via EU and NATO and defends a status of regional power linked to a pivot to the South.

The article describes the present situation of Spain as the byproduct of a long historical split between Spain and the West already fixed by the contribution to NATO and UE. Yet, forty years after these initiatives, the moment has come to give a step forward and become a regional power without leaving the European or the Atlantic arena. To achieve this end a set of measures is proposed. They include: To invite China to be part of the transcontinental link between Spain and Morocco and add to the project the oceanic routes between Africa and Latin America. To become a transit hub of gas and electricity between North Africa and the EU both ways. And to increase the participation of the Kingdom in the humanitarian effort of accepting refugees up to a level proportional to its GDP. To top it all the author suggests to shoulder the French military effort in the Sahel in a significant manner. Though all these measures mean an additional expenditure the Spanish budget can cope with it without strain. The main obstacle is of historical nature. The realm abandoned the strategic field long ago and it has not recovered from this trauma yet.

Author: José A. Zorrila


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