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General Dacoba

 Welcome to the Spanish Institute for Strategic Studies (IEEE) Webpage.

In general, Security is a basic requirement for any social unit, from the most elemental ones such as family to the more complex ones, to be able to develop their projects and reach their legitimate desires. Every member of a unit must contribute to preserve it. The 2017 Spanish National Security Strategy recognizes this fact in its own title: A shared project, by all and for all.

Organically framed in the National Defence Advanced Studies Centre (CESEDEN), which at the same time is dependent of the Chief of the Defence Staff (JEMAD), the Institute has two fundamental assigned missions. First, to conduct the necessary strategic analysis  so it can act as a consultant for the authorities of the Ministry of Defence in the areas related to Security and Defence; additionally and as a consequence of the previous mission statement, to contribute to maintain the Spanish society informed about any new data related to the preservation of their freedom, their welfare and, as last instance, of their Rule of Law.

To bring to fruition this fascinating challenge the Institute possesses a staff comprised of Analysts, both civilian and military, who identify completely with the principles and interests of the Spanish nation and possessing  technical qualifications comparable to those of the best national and international think-tanks. Their jobs are complemented with the contribution of relevant scholars from the academic and business sectors, alongside those from brilliant postgraduate and PhD students. Every single one of them, together with our technical support and administrative teams, ensure the highest quality and accuracy of our publications.

It is precisely this second mission, the diffusion of information, that this webpage wants to contribute in a resolute way. Inside you can find information about events, cultural and educational activities as well as links to other public and private organizations related with Security. Most importantly, above all other services, we put at your disposal more than two thousand documents written by el Spanish Institute for Strategic Studies, classified according to different criteria: subject, geographical area, type of publication… If you want to receive them weekly, at the same time they are published, you can subscribe in:


You can find us in different Social Networks. we hope to facilitate the monitoring of anything related to Security and to provide information about our activities and publications. With these tools that new technologies have bestowed upon us, we want to be particularly accessible to younger readers since the future of our Country is at their hands.

Thank you for your visit, for your interest and, if you want to contribute, thank you for your comments and suggestions.


Francisco José Dacoba Cerviño

General Director of the IEEE

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