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The labyrinth of Lebanon: The need to feel a nation (DIEEEO04-2012)

Lebanon has been captive of regional conflicts during the past four decades. Its problems are deep and they will not begin to be solved till more fundamental changes happen in the regional level. It has a new government since June 13 this year, influenced by Hezbollah. The ultimate fate of this government is linked to the evolution of Syria, causing the current instability, a return to sectarianism and the strong polarization between the supporters of this Government and the March 14 coalition Opposition. Perhaps Lebanon should not be too isolated or pressured by the international community in order not to harm a population that has suffered all kinds of war and wishes peace. Lebanon needs to have a secular State, achieve a sense of Lebanese nation, where the division of legislative, law and executive powers were real, thus constituting a normal “State of law” and creating stability in the region.

Author: José Carlos de Antonio Alcázar


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The labyrinth of Lebanon: The need to feel a nation
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