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Algeria 50 years later. ¿Addition and next? (DIEEEO54-2012)

On July 5, 2012, Algerian celebrated the 50th anniversary of independence. It Has not been a bed of roses, but the stability of this country - the largest in Africa, is essential for the safety of the Maghreb and the Mediterranean as a whole. The fifty years of this country, - Mediterranean, African, Arab and Maghrebi- have seen shadows and lights, with an major but not unique role of the Army, a "red" decade characterized by interruption of the democratic legality, starring terrorism, especially by GIA, of extreme cruelty, and a subsequent national reconciliation measures, proposed by President Bouteflika, that have allowed a normalization of life in Algeria. Algeria has overcome the riots that have swept the Arab world with economic and social measures, but growth economy boosted by high gas prices, have failed to diversify the economy, and presidential elections - scheduled for 2014- are an incognita do to the ill health of the president, and cannot rule out a rise of Islamist parties.

Author: Emilio Sánchez Rojas


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Algeria 50 years later. ¿Addition and next?
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