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SOF, the Sahel and the African Peace and Security architecture. Synergies and opportunities for a new mission (DIEEEO125-2014)

The instability in the Sahel region is currently an undeniable threat for the security of Europe. The features of the theatre and the hybrid nature of this threat turn the special operation forces (SOF) into a particularly useful tool in their three main tasks: intelligence gathering, direct action and training of allied forces.
The preponderant role of the SOF has been proven in Mali, but it is time to step forward in the much needed security sector reform at region level. In this framework, and according to the goals of the African Peace and Security Architecture, it may be apply for a new and more specific EUTM aimed to African SOF and a new center of excellence similar to those of other specialties.

Author: César Pintado Rodríguez


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