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The Seoul Summit: a multilateral response to new threats (DIEEEO38-2012)

The II Nuclear Security Summit was held in Seoul on 26 - 27 March, with the purpose of following up the activities undertaken by participating States in the implementation of the plan set up by the Washington Summit in 2010. The Summit in Seoul also gave a new political momentum to this process, in order to attain the goals set up for the next Nuclear Security Summit to be held in the Netherlands in 2014. At the outset, the interest of the United States in preventing the threat of nuclear terrorism was the driving force of the initiative to call the first Nuclear Security Summit in Washington in 2010, and launching an international programme of work. Its main goals were to deter terrorist groups from using nuclear resources, to reinforce international cooperation and to improve the physical protection of nuclear materials all over the World, thereby transforming the nuclear security international agenda in a multilateral effort. Spain has played a significant role in the Summit, associated to its function of Coordinator of the Assessment and Implementation Group of the Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism, in a new approach on non proliferation efforts.

Author: Gonzalo de Salazar Serantes


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The Seoul Summit: a multilateral response to new threats
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