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The Common Security and Defense Policy of the EU: A renewed strategy for a new European and global scenario (DIEEEO65-2018)

Security and defense have been taboo subjects since the beginning of the European integration project. While this has not been an obstacle for the EU to become a global actor with important interests and impact in a variety of areas, it has been unable to project its power and face threats to its own security. This essay will analyze the Common Security and Defense Policy of the EU and will tackle the limitations that impede it from becoming an effective tool for European foreign policy. The first limitation is a political one in favor of an Atlantic policy. The second is the legal limitation of article 42. TEU that limits a further development of the CSDP. Recent developments in the global arena, such as the arrival of Donald Trump, Russia's defiant attitude and instability in the Mediterranean were decisive for the re-launch of the European Defense Policy. Since then, many important steps have been achieved, such as the establishment of the Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO). However, it needs a new strategic direction and a permanent commitment from Member States to overcome the structural limitations (political and legal) and to set ambitious objectives to achieve a strong EU that is able to confront global challenges.

Author:  Joel Díaz Rodríguez.


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