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Military Civic Relations and Collaboration (DIEEET13-2016)

The process of transformation of the Armed Force, their adaptation to the international reality as well as to the values and principles of its society is a constant. The Armed Forces are not self-referential, but have their raison d’être in the objectives they serve. As an Institution, they increase the capacity of resilience of its society, assuming crisis management functions, either as main actor or as a secondary role. Civic military collaboration is spreading to various areas as a result of mutual knowledge, experience and results. This collaboration extends abroad in postconflicts and in the interior in the fight against catastrophes and crises. In the latter area, the Armed Forces have their own characteristics due to their training and culture that make them especially suitable for such tasks, in a wide range of functions. In addition to the specific or logistical support they can provide to crisis management, not a few countries also have units specialized in such issues. In the case of Spain, the Emergency Military Unit has a specific culture and a long training.

Authors: Jorge Ferreiroa Manso, Juan Saldaña García & Federico Aznar Fdez-Montesinos.


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Military Civic Relations and Collaboration
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