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Technological indicators of post-pandemic conflict.- José Ignacio Castro Torres.

The struggle for hegemony among the great powers has continued during these months, despite the global pandemic that is ravaging the world. Several indicators can highlight this confrontation, including technological ones, if they are studied in association with some kind of strategy. Most significantly, in the technological-military field, competition has been particularly evident in the space sector, nuclear weapons and the quantum revolution. It is not yet known whether the health crisis is accelerating these processes, but it is clear it is not delaying them.

Meanwhile, world leaders are becoming obsessed with their own perceptions, moving further away from positions of common agreement.

Document written by José Ignacio Castro Torres. Army Colonel, infantry, Staff School Graduate. PhD in Peace and International Security Studies. Analyst of IEEE.

Note: The full text document is only available in spanish. 

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Technological indicators of post-pandemic conflict.
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