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Documento de opinión: French intervention, EU and UN. African Solution for African problems?

Since independence in 1960, Mali confronted successive rebellions led Tuareg tribes in Northern region, Kidal. The latest has seen a nexus of separatist, radical Islamic, terrorists affiliated with the main rebel group MNLA been ousted from by their allied from proclaimed “independent state of Azawad”.
But French military intervention “Serval“ recovered occupied territory restored volatile stability paving the way for MINUSMA‘s deployment which incorporated African mission, launching of EU mission in charge of restructuration Malian army.
But military victory has not annihilated terrorists and radicals Islamic who are demonstrating a strong capacity of resilience and engaging in “asymmetric war of attrition”. Therefore the presence of keys allies France, EU, UN, will be necessary for sometimes.
Peace negotiations are in standstill and their success will depend on political will from both sides and mainly from the readiness of the Central government to make hard concessions.

Documento elaborado por el Profesor Modibo Goïta.

© Copyright 2010 Instituto Español de Estudios Estratégicos