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Opinion document:The Sub-Saharan Africa against the Ebola

The spreding of the mysterious and deadly Ebola virus in Guinea Conakry, Liberia, Sierra Leone has been on high alert to authorities in sub-Saharan Africa. Even the poor and sanitaries tools, the countries affected by virus, try to face this dadly outbreak, for which the science has not yet found vaccines or drugs. Countries with confirmed cases have taken adequate measures for the early detection, isolation of sick and containment of the disease and those who have not acquired a battery of security messures, as well as the closure of the land borders and deployment safety devices at ports and airports. The spread of Ebola outbreak can be attributed to the mobility of populations and the lack of ways to prevent further spread of the epidemic. Ebola has become a matter of regional health, therefore it is necessary that national authorities and international helps organizations response to become sensitivie the community and send more medical specialists to the region.

Author: Beatriz Mesa García


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The Sub-Saharan Africa against the Ebola
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