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The Spanish Institute for Strategic Studies in accordance with its functions and objectives has a virtually unlimited potential for action which is fixed in practice by their staff and budget allocated.

In order to achieve maximum effectiveness and efficiency in the use of its resources the IEEE has established a matrix structure without stovepipes to facilitate coordination in planning work and program development by objectives, while allowing for adaptability and flexibility according to the principle of maximizing the experience and personal relationships. These latter characteristics are considered of vital importance in championing the promotion and dissemination of Security and Defense matter’s awareness.

The structure is decomposed vertically into six functional areas: Research, Society, Education, Culture, International and Institutional Relations, while the horizontal structure related research lines, think tanks and cultural houses, international and transnational organizations, and geographical areas, both nationally and internationally.

The institute also has a body of technical and administrative support structured essentially in two areas, secretariat, and agreements and grants.

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