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One of the basic lines of action of the Spanish Institute of Strategic Studies (IEEE) is the promotion of the Investigation, planning and developing the study of topics of interest related to the Security and the Defense, as well as the participation in national and international forums where works of this nature are carried out.

In this line, the IEEE has managed to consolidate a position of privilege in the academic realm, the centers of thought or "think-tanks", and in general among the experts national community in topics of Security and Defense, by means of the elaboration of research and analysis works dedicated to the conformation of a strategic Spanish thought.

These works materialize in the annual publication of the "Strategic International Panorama ", and of a variable number of "Strategy Papers", publications to which have been added, as an innovation from 2010, the new works called "Documents of Analysis of the IEEE".

In addition to the mentioned documents, which might be named “self produced”, the IEEE also supports the production, by other organizations, of publications of interest on specific topics. That can be done in the frame of the annual subsidies of promotion of the Culture of Security and Defense, or by means of the subscription of specific Agreements of Collaboration.

Finally, in this page has been incorporated publications with no relation at all with the IEEE, but that due to their relevancy and opportunity the diffusion in our web page has been considered of interest, as an important complement.


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