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The responsibility and functions of the Spanish Institute for Strategic Studies (IEEE) is part of the Organic Law 5 / 2005 of 17 November, National Defense, and more specifically in Part V (Chapter V) on the contribution of national resources to defense, which in its Article 31 provides that the Defense Ministry will promote the development of the culture of defense for the Spanish society to learn, appreciate and get identified, with her history and with the solidarity efforts and effectiveness by which the armed forces protect national interests.  Also, the rest of the public authorities must contribute to achieve this end.

The Royal Decree 1126/2008 July 4th, of development of the organizational structure of the Ministry of Defense, in its Article 17 stipulates that the General Directorate of Institutional Relations (DIGERINS), reporting directly to the Minister of Defense, is the governing body which is responsible for planning and development of cultural policy and institutional relations. DIGERINS, among other functions, is in charge of leading and coordinating the policy for promotion, dissemination and championing the awareness of national defense, in addition to coordinate, promote and disseminate the cultural activities of the department.  The development of these functions is assigned to the IEEE, as the governing body under the direct dependence of DIGERINS that in the exercise of its responsibilities shall improve joint actions with the Ministries of Education and Culture, universities and educational institutions. The same article states the functional dependence of the DIGERINS, the competent bodies in those areas of the three armies, autonomous agencies of the department, and the delegations of defense, the latter, according to the Royal Decree 308/2007 March 2nd.

In R.D. 452/2012 of 5 March, development of the basic organizational structure of the Ministry of Defense, states that the Spanish Institute for Strategic Studies (IEEE) happens to have organizational unit of the National Defence Advanced Studies Centre and functional Secretary General for Defence Policy in relation to the dissemination of the culture of security and defense and the promotion of awareness of National defense. 

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