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The priority lines of action that is framed in the Business Plan in support of DIGERINS’ cultural action plan are:

Own research activity materialized in IEEE Strategy Papers and other writings.  The Spanish Institute for Strategic Studies, between its research activities, develops and publishes several documents annually of high academic value. Among those that stand out, because of their great tradition and annual publications, the "Strategic Panorama", in collaboration with the Royal Institute Elcano (RIE), published in Spanish and English. Two other areas of our continued focus are Latin America and the Mediterranean.  Also, as a question of opportunity, diverse topics as intelligence, terrorism or other high interest topics in support of our preferred research lines are undertaken. It is also intended to enhance the capacity of original documents by the IEEE as analysis documents, research and topical articles.

Activity to support the cultural department action plan framed in the promotion and dissemination of security issues and embodied in those products that cannot be subsidized or are hallmarks of the IEEE, that is: the Escorial and Santander summer courses, and those other activities that target the area of non-university education, mainly primary and secondary education to which we want to focus particular attention.

Maintain public activities and collaboration with think tanks in security and defense issues, mainly with Latin America, Maghreb, Europe and USA.  In this sense we want to add value to our partnership, so that their work will contribute to advancing the Institute's research lines.  In this area are also considered sociological research studies, through specialized companies, to gain better acknowledge about the social trend as far as security and defense matters might be of interest for our society.

Maintain the activity level reached with universities by encouraging the organization of activities without ministerial financial support or the use of the DIGERINS’ grants program, without forget the use of individual agreement if considered necessary.  The ambition is to conduct activities around the whole national territory. The activities take the form of seminars, workshops, titles, doctoral courses, summer courses, research projects or conferences, addressing topics such as conflict prevention, peace building, the European Security and Defense and international relations.

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