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Geopolitical Regions

Unfortunately, the conflict has been a constant throughout history. In our days we see types, modes and varieties of conflict have evolved, presenting multiple dimensions of uncertainty and a degree never experienced before, but its nature and essence has not changed. Because this phenomenon whose causes structural, socio-cultural, economic and environmental issues are so difficult to eradicate, is permanently present in the global strategic landscape.

Among the threats and risks to security and stability, the Spanish Strategy for Security, "A Common Responsibility" highlights:

• first armed conflict, identifying three types "against which the role of the armed forces is central: the not shared with our allies
• involving the multilaterals direct interests of Spain
• and those derived from our international commitments in multilateral frameworks that do not directly affect our interests.

The defense of our interests and values is the key that will guide the efforts of Spain in this field, from the triple perspective of anticipation and conflict prevention, management and resolution, and subsequent consolidation of peace. To do this, Spain is committed to a comprehensive approach that includes the elements diplomatic, military, police and development cooperation, among others. "

In this vein, the IEEE provides a framework in which to display the documents produced both by its analysts as external collaborators, and other official documents considered of interest, allowing to track open conflicts, from which are larval or on a diplomatic level to the armed. There has been a grouping of the same geopolitical areas to better identify and at the same time provide a regional perspective to facilitate monitoring.


 Map of África

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