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Daesh: Civilization and Barbarism.- Jordi Torres Roselló

The rise of jihadist attacks by Daesh has put under the spotlight of the political and social debate buzzwords like civilization and barbarism. Avoiding a Manichaeism thought must be the first step to defeat the terrorist organization. On the one hand, civilization is often a term determined by one or several particular civilizations and, on the other hand, the barbarism concept describes a proximity to meaninglessness and savagery that we do not find on the Daesh ideology but only on its acts, managed directly to achieve concrete objectives. When it is about wolfs trained to devour humans, we cannot talk of animal behaviour. The management of barbarism is more related with civilization than with barbarism.
Understanding that those from Daesh are not barbarians but people who manage barbarism is fundamental to understand its success. We must place the organization under the civilization framework; otherwise, pushing aside the Daesh phenomenon to a state of barbarism means moving it out from all possible political or social scenarios, where the dialogue, the intermediate postures, and the study and academic analysis take place. We must civilize Daesh, in the sense of introducing it again inside the civilization term, to understand it as it is, a conflict deeply related with western modernity. Building the civilization-barbarism dichotomy for so complex scenarios is just a simplistic demagogy that will only darken the phenomenon elaborating less efficient strategies to defeat it.

Author: Jordi Torres Roselló



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Daesh: Civilization and Barbarism
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