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How does the online sphere influence Salafi-jihadist radicalisation in Spain? - Víctor Torralba Rodríguez

This paper seeks to find how the online sphere influences Salafi-jihadist radicalisation in Spain. Its structure is based on the definitions of key concepts, an online radicalisation theoretical framework and the discussion of this topic in the Spanish context. It is argued that online radicalisation processes are primarily explained by the consumption of propaganda and the contact with other extremists in forums or messaging applications. In Spain, the online sphere might especially influence a particularly vulnerable group, the second or third generation of Moroccan immigrants. They may lack an identity and may feel the online community as a virtual ummah, which provides them with a purpose: jihad. As a prevention tool against online radicalisation, it is found that a solid comprehensive counternarrative strategy involving every relevant actor would be the most successful approach to tackle this phenomenon.

Author: Víctor Torralba Rodríguez. Graduated in the Master of National Security Studies, King’s College London


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