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Spain and Portugal: towards shared security in priority sectors for the bilateral relations.- Sagrario Morán

The main objective of this work is to analyse the relations between Portugal and Spain focusing on two main areas regarding the security for both countries: the fight against terrorism and the energy. The relations in the internal security sector include the study of the terrorist threat, as well as the political and legal agreements adopted by both countries. Besides, on the EU framework, in order to fight this scourge, it is necessary to move forward on a coordinated cooperation in the fight against common internal threats.  

It is also presented the different conflict factors and the positions that each country has in relation to its energy security, as well as the perspective of conciliation and transition towards alternative sources of energy, the increase of energy interconnections between both countries and the moving forward of the so called ‘Iberian energy market’. Everything, having in mind the significant differences of population and geographical extension which impact directly on each country’s needs and importance of the internal affairs and energy.


Author: Sagrario Morán Blanco. Universidad Rey Juan Carlos Madrid. Version available only in Spanish

© Copyright 2010 Spanish Institute for Strategic Studies