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Geopolitical vision of the 2012 election results. January (DIEEEA07-2012)

The Spanish Institute for Strategic Studies begins a series of articles that will monitor monthly the different electoral processes that take place throughout this year, in January Egypt, Taiwan and Kazakhstan. With these publications, the IEEE wants to analyze the geopolitical changes that will bring the results that yield each of the elections and the potential impact on the strategic landscape.
A year of special significance in this regard, not only by the number of processes, more than eighty, but because of the geopolitical significance of many of the countries with electoral processes, or the geostrategic role of others, with less specific power, in the local, regional and even, and in almost all cases by the phenomenon of globalization, worldwide security scenario.
There is no doubt that the new international strategic environment the concept of security cannot be compartmentalized, nor from the geographical point of view or the point of view of discipline. This is a time of changing paradigms in which the ruling classes and political debates will be faced with the power of information, thanks to new media available to citizens that allow them to have a greater capacity to influence the decision making.
No country or region of the world will remain indifferent to the great global phenomena that affect peace, security and economic development. The major challenges facing humanity will have successive stages of discussion and debate, increasingly open and pluralistic by the unstoppable flow of information through the growing role of social networks, and their results should enable us to analyze the geopolitical framework and key strategic stage to develop the security model of a future increasingly uncertain.

Author: Spanish Institute for Strategic Studies


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Geopolitical vision of the 2012 election results. January
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