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New Agreement between Sudan and South Sudan: Erratic path to peace (DIEEEA03-2013)

On 5 January, in Ethiopia, the Presidents of Sudan and South Sudan reached a new peace agreement. With the mediation of the African Union, both countries expressed their conformity with accepting a schedule for the fulfillment of all commitments outstanding, including the dispute over the sovereignty of the border region of Abyei. Although the lack of confidence of the International Community is clear, due to the systematic failure of many previous agreements, now a new, yet unpredictable, opportunity for the final resolution of the conflict.
On the ground, the rebel groups fighting against their respective governments, the shutdown of oil production and the efforts of United Nations operations to stabilize the region, mark the future of two nations that, far from agreeing a decisive end to decades of conflict, continue drawing an overly
erratic path towards peace. Only the determination and the demand of the International Community, particularly the African Union, will permit the establishment of peaceful bilateral relations between Sudan and South Sudan, which ensure the viability of both nations and the survival of their populations.

Author: Jesús Díez Alcalde


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