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Crimea: A new Russian "advanced position"? (DIEEEA13-2015)

The search for borders anchored to naturally strong field has been one of the constants of Russia throughout its history. The invasions that have suffered their lands, from different directions and different avenues of approach have generated a perceived need to close them.
Thus, conquering territories or using satellite states, the maximum expansion in times of the Soviet Union is reached, and borders that guaranteed, to a large degree, a large extent, the safety of the heart of Russia.
But, after the fall of the USSR, with the consequent loss of space under control, it seems the establishment of "advanced positions" territories (Kaliningrad, Transnistria, South Ossetia, Abkhazia, Crimea ...) with different legal status is established, allowing create a security ring around Russia "continuous border."

Author: Pedro Sánchez Herráez


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