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Kosovo. The road to ...? (II) (DIEEEA22-2015)

After the action of the international community in 1999, Kosovo becomes, de facto, an international protectorate whose status is constantly questioned, despite the recognition of about one hundred nations of the world –not Spain-; after the unilateral declaration of independence in 2008, internal problems have continued, and although an initial agreement with Serbia was signed in 2013 in order to normalize relations between the two, the situation has not improved substantially.
This reality forms a complex space for economic and social development, and migration is a growing phenomenon facing a difficult prospect of solving this reality, solution that is intended, sometimes, not to be endogenous.
A journey from 1999 to today and a brief analysis of these issues articulate this document.

Author:  Pedro Sánchez Herráez


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Kosovo. The road to ...? (II) (DIEEEA22-2015)
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