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The Return of Geopolitics in Latin America: Colombia-Venezuela border problems and other issues (DIEEEA44-2015)

The president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro announced that activates the state of exception in the border municipalities Bolivar, Ureña, Junin, Capacho Capacho Freedom and Independence. Subsequent expatriation of more than a thousand Colombians has caused another crisis between Colombia and Venezuela. Regional inability to attack this crisis, and the support of some of the leaders of regional security organizations to a party in the conflict, cast doubt on integration in Latin America and show the weakness of the regional organizations.
The rise of populist nationalism, the allocation of inmates to the conspiratorial activities of neighboring countries evils, transnational and cross-border dynamics, anti-Americanism and the role of the US, following the recent initiatives of President Obama related to Cuba, and lack effective definition of the armed forces of these countries and their political use are factors to consider.

Author: Emilio Sánchez de Rojas Díaz.



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