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Rethinking the geopolitics of Latin America (DIEEEA15-2016)

There has been a significant change in US policy toward Latin America. Obama has surprised certain diplomatic moves that suggest that has taken the initiative: The announcement of Secretary of State John Kerry that the old "Morroe Doctrine" and the resumption of diplomatic relations with Cuba are two clear examples.
On the other hand, the upcoming US elections, the recent elections and referendum in South America, possible peace accords in Colombia, the slowdown in the Chinese economy, and the result thereof in much of the subcontinent recession, suggest changes. The old, the Bolivarian hegemony is declining, but the new, whose true identity remains unknown, has not surface yet. While some insist on going to the past, others hope to those who have not yet arrived.

Author: Emilio Sánchez de Rojas Díaz


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Rethinking the geopolitics of Latin America
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