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Colombia: we are at the end of a conflict or the beginning of peace? (DIEEEA60-2016)

Given the current situation in Colombia we can say that a "positive peace" does not exist, but to examine whether violent conflicts have come to an end, and we would be in a situation of negative peace. The signing of the peace accords in Havana between the Colombian government and the FARC-EP, is undoubtedly the best news in recent years security. But this is not the end of the conflict, between said Colombian government and the various subversive forces which carried facing for five years.

First, the FARC are not the only subversive forces who were present today in Colombia, the National Liberation Army ELN, present in large areas of Colombia, and will try to surround the areas abandoned by the FARC. To this must be added the problem of Bacrin, these criminal gangs, inheritors of the United Self-Defense of Colombia, together with subversive groups dominates the coca production areas, and illegal extraction of gold and other minerals. Some criminal gangs linked to drug trafficking, such as Úsuga clan, are particularly violent, violence adds to that has emerged in large cities. Finally, conflicts are not over, but it has taken a giant step.

Author: Emilio Sánchez de Rojas Díaz



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