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The culture of peace, security and defense, and the Armed Forces. The vital signs of the EU and Spain (DIEEEA08-2017)

The phenomenon of violence is consubstantial with the manifestation of life. In the human case, it takes on other dimensions that, as Johan Galtung explains, transcends physical violence ―direct violence―, to develop, to adapt and, in many cases, to transform into a multiplicity of forms extremely cruel and harmful. Structural and cultural violence are the other two vertices of the triangle of violence, sophisticated and vicious, which attempts to explain in full the term violence, its consequences and, more importantly, the keys to combat it. The Peace would be the goal, the only antidote to face the violence; In a virtuous triangle, cultural, structural and direct, in a mutually reinforced constant action and permanent effort to enhance its three vertices simultaneously.

The document intends, briefly, to emphasize the importance that the Spanish Ministry of Defense and its Armed Forces contribute to this effort and to analyze, through the sociological studies of the European institutions, some of its societal key aspects, comparing these results in the European and national context.

Author: CN. Ignacio J. García Sánchez


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