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Russia and the US In the labyrinth of the Middle East (DIEEEA28-2017)

In September 2015, taking advantage of the vacuum left by the US in the Middle East, the Russian Federation intervened militarily in the Syrian war and became the arbiter of the conflict. Washington had to wait for the resolution of the presidential elections to retake the initiative that had yielded. The Caliphate of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria are numbered and the powers involved in the region are already thinking about the new Middle East order and the reconstruction of Syria. Both Putin and Trump are intensifying their military commitment to strengthen their proxies and improve their starting positions. All parties agree that if the region is not pacified the winner will be radical jihadism that will mutate in a more favorable context, but each of the actors wants to defend their own interests, much of them incompatible with each other. In the coming months we will see a complex geostrategic game that will require vision, skill, firmness and important doses of commitment. Who will be the winner?

Author: José Mª Pardo de Santayana Gómez de Olea


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Russia and the US In the labyrinth of the Middle East
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