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Globalization is under quarantine.- Andrés González Martín.

China is the winner of globalization. China has created a productive system, infrastructures, technological and scientific support, a financial system and a network of political, diplomatic and commercial relations that put it in a position to compete as a great power. China has embarked on an internal process of metamorphosis with an exogenous model, from which it has obtained every possible benefit through unorthodox practices.
China's political strategy has not sought to structure the world. On the contrary, China decided to parasitize the system in order to conform itself to it according to its own rules. China's evolution has transformed its initial parasitic condition into a serious pathology, which will end up destroying the channels of globalization. In these circumstances, the only alternative to restore the balance is to discipline the Asian giant economically.
The pandemic caused by COVID-19 has made it clear that international value chains have grown more than the global governance system can cope with. If China shuts down, the world will be left in a shortage. Dependence on China is excessive, and others will look for ways to defend themselves.

Andrés González Martín. Lieutenant Colonel. Analyst of IEEE

Note: The full document is only available in Spanish.

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Globalization is under quarantine.
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