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Prospective Study on the implementation of the "Pooling and Sharing" in 2020 (DIEEEINV01-2013)

Europe, and in consequence Spain, is heading towards a new security and defence industry model, the basis of which is the more efficient use of scarce available resources. To be exact, the European approach is oriented towards a national offer of military and industrial capabilities and a use of external abilities with the aim of articulating the so-called “Pooling and Sharing” (hereinafter, P&S).
This concept is similar to that advocated by NATO under the name of “Smart Defence”, but with differentiating connotations as P&S is limited to the scope of the European Union (EU) and deals not only with the defence sector but also its economic, social and industrial implications.
In this context, the Spanish Institute for Strategic Studies (IEEE- according to the Spanish abbreviation) has developed a prospective study throughout 2013 in order to get an idea of the main variables which make up the scenario which, in 2020, will serve for the implementation of the concept of P&S.


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