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The (harsh) reality of the Horn of Africa: the internal problems of Ethiopia and Somalia.- Josep Baqués

This analysis seeks to shed light on the tensions in two of the world’s most troubled states, Ethiopia and Somalia. However, far from adopting an
approach that encourages the influence of external actors, what is highlighted is the weight of internal conflict as a possible explanatory variable of this instability. This refers to the consideration of the role of the various ethnic groups (Ethiopia) or of the various clans within the same ethnic group
(Somalia). Therefore, the object of analysis is what could be defined as human geography, in the conviction that it is one of the pillars of geopolitics.
But also, in the conviction that without an adequate understanding of its specific weight in each case, it is impossible to face any conflict resolution

Document written by Josep Baqués.Universidad de Barcelona/Grupo GESI & Global Strategy.

Note: The full document is only available in Spanish.

© Copyright 2010 Spanish Institute for Strategic Studies