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25 Years of transformation of the NATO. Challenges in the international scene 2014 (DIEEEO112-2014)

NATO should redefine its erratic foreign affairs considering previously the mistakes made by Allied Operations and Allied Coalition of Willingness in Kosovo, Lybia, Irak, Iran, Syria and even Afghanistan. NATO needs to find out the path to its own Renaissance, to get back again to the cooperative security, dialog, consultations and confidence building measures in Europe, particularly in Russia, Ukraine, Moldavia and Bielorussia. Even more, NATO should find proper and focused tools, including economics measures, in areas around the limits of Europe such as Sahara/Sahel, Lybia/Argelia, Syria/Lebanon and Irak/Iran. Therefore, the security in Europe requires structures for Dialog, Consultation, Cooperative Security and Confidence Building also in Africa, the “lost continent” for NATO and Europe, and the Middle East. I do believe that a new Renaissance of the Alliance is essential for Europe itself, around and beyond the ancient continent. Security and economic structures, such as the ones that provided 25 years of peace, security, prosperity and stability in Europe, are essential for the security in Europe, around and well beyond its borders and also for the reinforcement of the transatlantic link.

Author: Luis Feliu Bernárdez


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