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Mauritania: Presidential Elections 2014 Legitimacy, Promises and Boycott (DIEEEO80-2014)

On 21st of June 2014, the presidential elections from the Islamic Republic of Mauritania (IRM) were held. The power consolidation and the pursuit of a greater legitimacy of the IRM´s actual President, the polling promises and the boycott of all opposition parties, have set up the development and the outcome of the aforementioned elections.
These elections reinforce the legitimacy and power of the actual IRM´s President, Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz clear winner thereof, with four opponents of poor political profile.
We analyze in this piece of work the role of electoral actors and their proposals, the effects of the boycott of Mauritanian political parties and the electoral outcomes that will configure the IRM´s political future in the following five years.

Author: Luis A. Aparicio-Ordás González-García


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