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Burkina Faso (DIEEEO62-2015)

With a balance of about 30 deaths, as a result of clashes between thousands of outraged Burkina Faso and the army, Compaoré took off the power against of his volunte. In fact, his obsession to stay as president of Burkina Faso, led him to reject an offer by France to occupy the secretary general of the International Francophone Organisation (OIF).
Faced to the sahelian analyst that say, from a constiparevision, the ex president had already orchestrated his departure, there ares facts which make evidence the "spontaneity"of the events The general images of the popular outcry against a president who is accused of co-opted, giving money, to one part of the political opposition, make scare people, controlled the mass media and to change the lows how he wants, in addition to distributing the wealth between a elite, to which bought in exchange for protection, have left evidence the malaise of youth.
The citizens made press to the army to return their weapons to the headquarters in the last week of October and the army decided to give to the people the necessary tools to lead the country towards a democratic transition, currently managed between the political opposition and civil society, under a veiled surveillance of military authority. In this paper, we explain the internal and external factors that pushed the system to its debacle and the beginning of a questionable process of change, in where the key should be a real transfer of power to civilians, one of the reasons thousands citizens have taken to the streets. Everything depends of the democratic goodwill of the army, which has been the center of power since Burkin Fasso’s independence.

Author: Beatriz Mesa García.


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Burkina Faso (DIEEEO62-2015)
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