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The international response to address the Ebola virus (DIEEEO67-2015)

The Director General of WHO, Mrs. Margaret Chan, admitted last February 26, during the course of an interview that the international response to address the Ebola virus disease has been too slow.
The consequences of this epidemic have not only resulted in substantial loss of life, a drama in itself, but they also continue to have a negative influence on the economic development of the most affected countries.
Moreover, as with any crisis, it is also a great opportunity to build a strong system aimed at protecting global health security.
To tackle early so as deadly disease require to have some contingency funds on a permanent basis that can provide quick solutions to complicated situations.
But today, thanks to the large amounts of money that have been mobilized, as well as international human efforts of qualified staff, it seems that the dramatic initial expectations have significantly improved by referring the number of infections. However, it is still far from its total eradication, at least in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea Conakry.

Author:  Fernando Montoya Cerio


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