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NDA (Niger Delta Avengers): new initials for an old conflict (DIEEEO119-2016)

Nigeria is a world-class actor in the global geopolitical scene. It is the biggest populated country of all the African continent and with a potential economical and energetic level world-wide, situation of which does not free them from problems both in the social and security context. In the case of security special relevance is given to the group of inspiration yihadista named Boko Haram which changed to act under the name of Wilayat Al Sudan al Gharbi when its leader at the time Abubakr Shekau pronounced the bayaat (promise of adherence to Daesh) and was accepted by the leader, the self-determined caliph Ibrahim. This is certainly a problem of extraordinary seriousness because it does not only affect Nigeria but also neighbouring countries although it is not the only one with the federal Government of Abuja. In the oil-bearing region of Niger the perception that the benefits derived from the operation of subsoil resources in the region were not inverted in the area as well as the differences between the different ethnic groups propitiate emergence of various armed groups.

Author: Luis A. González Francisco


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